Sale price4.692 €
mouth blown glass

Rosenborg Chandelier

mouth blown glass
Height 97cm x Diameter 75 cm
Sale price4.692 €
mouth blown glass
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Product Information


Mouth blown and handmade Venetian Glassware made in Murano

Adding soft hues and understated elegance, the Rosenborg chandelier brings a blend of Murano glassmaking history and Danish regal heritage to any ceiling space. This piece weaves tradition with modernity, echoing Akua's ethos. Commissioned for Frederick IV of Denmark, the Rosenborg chandelier graces Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen till date, a cherished muse for Annika. Departing from the ornate floral designs of the 1800s, this chandelier flaunts a contemporary silhouette and graceful swirls, with opaline glass casting a gentle, ethereal glow in amber hues. It marries Venetian allure and sleek sophistication, embodying Akua's timeless elegance.

Crafted on the isle of Murano with artisanal finesse, the Rosenborg chandelier is meticulously shaped and mouth-blown by skilled artisans under the grand master's guidance. Delicate imperfections like air bubbles infuse it with authenticity and charm.

Height 97cm x Diameter 75 cm

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General Information

Product type:Pendant Light
Location: Denmark
Sold by Akua Objects


Height 97cm x Diameter 75 cm


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About the Artist

Akua Objects was created to celebrate glassware as more than just a vessel for water. Objects tell stories of people's lives, leaving lasting imprints even after they're gone, like shadows on walls. Whether it's a painting, furniture piece, vase, or another item, these physical memories are passed down through generations. Each collection at Akua Objects is named after someone who influenced its design, honouring their memory and encouraging reflection. It's about more than just decorating a table; it's about cherishing memories and connections.

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