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Whether it's a beautifully crafted piece of art, a meticulously designed accessory, or a unique homeware item, each piece in this collection has been chosen with the intention of bringing joy and delight to both the giver and the receiver. Explore our "Gifting" collection to discover the perfect expression of your feelings, turning each moment into a cherished memory.
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Vasi Vase (Grass Green) Sale price168 €
Small Vases Sale price195 €
Sold out
Squiggle Pitcher Sale price165 €
Tulpe Tulip Vase Sale price300 €
Clam Shell Bowl Sale price240 €
Ecru Pitcher Set Sale price160 €
Ashtray Poires Sale price200 €
Sold out
Hand Study Sale price220 €
Perlina Cup + Piattino Sale price253 €
The Three Sisters Vases Sale price230 €
Ashtray Citronnade Sale price200 €
Apothecary Jar Blue Sale price294 €
Tripod Candle Holder Sale price198 €
Grenades Ashtray Sale price260 €
Cloud Lamp Sale price185 €
Pebble Stack in Maple Sale price230 €
Plaisir Solitaire Ashtray Sale price220 €
Cigarette Butts Ashtray Sale price200 €
Juergen Teller Handbags Sale price188 €
Sold out
Carafe in Forest Sale price184 €
Astrology Sign Candle Sale price120 €
Sold out
Lotuso Ecru Ceramic Sale price150 €
Set of 2 Tumblers in Lake Sale price138 €
Sold out
Venise Spreaders (Set of 4) Sale price195 €
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