The Oblist’s vision is to create a space that celebrates exceptional artistry and encourages discovery for individuals to find singular objects that reflect their own distinct taste. The curation of these objects has been a result of years of research into a diverse range of pieces. The Oblist focuses on objects that stand out from the ordinary, drawing on different eras, cultures and techniques, selecting singular, timeless contemporary and vintage objects.

Co-Founded by Leia Sfez, Paris-based creative and entrepreneur, in collaboration with her marketing-expert husband, they are driven by a profound admiration for the talents and by the objects that have been curated from all over the world. With the intention to encourage acquiring objects that will last a lifetime, embracing such pieces not only expresses individuality but also contributes to a more conscious and sustainable approach to consumption. A majority of pieces being sold as made-to-order, emphasizing The Oblist’s commitment to waste-reducing production values.

Bringing Artists to Light

By supporting emerging artists and designers in the design industry, The Oblist contributes to the promotion of innovation and creativity. By showcasing their work, The Oblist provides artists with a platform to express their unique creations and helps them thrive. Artists also benefit from greater visibility and better access to a wider audience, allowing their work to touch more souls.
By celebrating their art, The Oblist helps to create a community of artists supporting and inspiring each other, enabling the design industry to flourish and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Curating Timeless Pieces

The Oblist's curation process is founded on extensive research of contemporary and vintage pieces from an array of sources. Our highly selective approach ensures that each item is carefully chosen for its unique characteristics, exceptional design, and timeless appeal. We constantly scour the globe for pieces that have the power to transform any space into a work of art, be it an exquisite artwork, a piece of furniture or a decorative object.

Fostering Discovery and Connection

The Oblist provides an exclusive platform for people to discover the objects they love. The Oblist creates a sustainable connection between the public, established designers, and emerging talents within the design industry. By providing a space that allows for exploration and discovery of unique pieces, we encourage individuals to embrace their individuality and express themselves through art. By connecting inspired designers with art lovers, The Oblist aims to build and strengthen meaningful relationships in the design space.

Creating a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

The Oblist strives to create an ethical and responsible environment that supports conscious consumption of quality objects. By promoting unique, timeless pieces, we aim to encourage people to purchase items that will last for decades. By offering an expansive but curated selection of amazing design objects, The Oblist encourages people to invest in items that are made with love and care. Furthermore, The Oblist also supports sustainability efforts such as upcycling and reuse of resources to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.