Sale price804 €
made to ordernew designer

La Terra - Vessel 07

made to ordernew designer
Smooth stoneware clay, L38 x W38 x H48 CM
Sale price804 €
made to ordernew designer
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Product Information


In creating the La Terra collection, Lemon's designer Jade drew inspiration from a variety of vessels found in ancient cultures, infusing them with a contemporary twist. Her interpretation skillfully captures a sense of both timelessness and innovation, striking a unique balance between the archaic and the futuristic. This parallels the essence of Lemon, which seamlessly embraces different eras in its celebration of enduring beauty.
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General Information

Product type:Vases
Location: Netherland
Sold by Lemon


Smooth stoneware clay, L38 x W38 x H48 CM


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About the Artist

Spanning both decorative and large foundation pieces, Lemon places equal emphasis on utility and beauty. Drawing on visual references from history, film, and art, they create furniture products that comfortably exist in a contemporary milieu. Each piece is designed by progressive designers and handmade by master craftsmen.

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