Prix de vente435 €
new designer

Applique Ésotérique

new designer
Black granular stoneware Height 185 mm Length 240 mm Width 180 mm
Prix de vente435 €
new designer

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Sélection exclusive, fabrication de qualité

Fabriqué dans un délai de 8-10 semaines
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This item is located in Greece and will be shipped by the seller directly to you.

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Product Information


Une combinaison de formes crée une applique murale épurée et sans chichis. Timide et beau dans sa simplicité, il éclaire n'importe quel chemin. Cette applique est fabriquée à la main en grès granulaire créant une texture rugueuse.
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General Information

Product type:Applique murale
Location: Greece
Sold by Mariza Galani


Black granular stoneware Height 185 mm Length 240 mm Width 180 mm


This product is made to order. You'll receive it into 8-10 weeks.

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About the Artist

Mariza Galani is an Athens-based lighting designer. Her light creations are inspired by the triangle; the world’s distinguished symbol of divinity. Mariza uses shapes, not only to form lights that serve through their functionality, but have as an ultimate goal to achieve higher harmony through their geometry. It is in observing, that the shapes reveal their mysticism and elevate out spirit. Her slow process of constructing each and every luminairy encompasses all inner energy that flows freely through hands to the objects and breathes life into her unique creations.

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