Prix de vente320 €
Handwoven in Argentina

Oreiller Panal Noir

Handwoven in Argentina
Prix de vente320 €
Handwoven in Argentina
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Sélection exclusive, fabrication de qualité

Fabriqué dans un délai de 4-6 semaines
Expédié depuis Argentina Plus d'infos

Item location

This item is located in Argentina and will be shipped by the seller directly to you.

Once your order is confirmed, we will notify the seller that you requested this item. It will take 4-6 weeks to be produced and usually 48h to be shipped.

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Product Information


L'oreiller PANAL BLACK n'est pas seulement un accent décoratif ; c'est une expression tangible de l'élégance contemporaine de l'Argentine. La teinte noire élégante et les motifs géométriques complexes incarnent l'esthétique dynamique du design du pays et sa profonde appréciation de l'excellence artisanale.

Adoptez l'élégance d'un mode de vie durable avec l'oreiller PANAL BLACK, fabriqué à partir de matériaux renouvelables et d'origine éthique. Ce choix éco-responsable vous permet de vous adonner au luxe sans compromettre votre engagement envers la planète.

Veuillez suivre nos instructions d'entretien : nettoyage à sec uniquement. Évitez l'exposition au soleil.

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General Information

Product type:Coussins
Location: Argentina


This product is made to order. You'll receive it into 4-6 weeks.

Guaranteed delivery

It ships safely, or your money back

Shipping from Argentina

If you are located in a different economic zone, you may be subject to customs duties.


This product is final sale. Once the order has been placed, the artist will make this unique piece for you. Non-refundable. No returns.

About the Artist

Identidad Argentina offers finely crafted products made from sheep and llama wool, created by skilled artisans in remote rural areas of Argentina. Endangered are ancient traditions, once in harmony with the world. Their goal is to preserve unique narratives and worlds that offer valuable perspectives on life. Design for them signifies identity, simplicity, and art — a way to rediscover their essence and beauty. Each piece, intricately woven from natural materials, represents a deep bond between nature and humanity. These fabrics are woven by artisans who have safeguarded this craft for centuries. Coloured by hand with natural pigments, the hues reflect an ancient process. Through these practices, they maintain a strong commitment to sustainability and heritage.

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