StudioNotte approaches design by exploring the point where hedonistic pleasure and tension from contrast intersect. It combines materiality with imagination, abstracting and undermining the familiar to invite the exploration of unexpected avenues. Complexity stems from a blend of disciplines, materials, contexts, and techniques rather than ornamentation.

Based in Milan, StudioNotte is a product design studio founded by Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos. With an Italian-Brazilian background, the studio embraces a research-based practice that spans various disciplines, techniques, and materials, with a particular interest in the intersection between subjects. The founders' different cultural backgrounds enrich their work, infusing it with contrasts and deliberate dissonance. Tensions, coupled with an investigation into hedonism and seduction, shape the design philosophy of StudioNotte. The creators believe in the cult of pleasure, where design deviates from conventions, presenting a path to embrace.