Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Based in New York City, Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer specializing in objects, furniture, and spaces. With a studio established two years ago, her primary focus lies in everyday-use items, often utilizing glass as a medium. Sophie explores the dynamic between objects and users, believing in their innate ability to influence moods. By transforming simple objects and rituals, she seeks to delight and elevate the user experience. Her work embraces the notion that objects should possess a poetic quality, fostering a relationship of mutual respect between humans and the items that surround them.

In Sophie Lou Jacobsen's collection, you will find a variety of carefully crafted items, including a set of ripple wine glasses and a beautiful petal plate. These pieces are available for sale at a regular price of EUR. If you're looking for a unique gift, consider the cocktail set or the large ripple petal plate. Browse through the collection and discover the squiggle cup or the elegant bilboquet glass. No matter your preference, Sophie's creations are designed to enhance your everyday interactions and elevate your space.

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So whether you're in search of a unique gift or looking to enhance your own space, Sophie Lou Jacobsen's shop offers an array of options. From the delicate petal plate to the captivating squiggle cup, each piece is meticulously crafted to add beauty to your everyday life. Explore the collection and find the perfect item to complete your home. Shop now and discover the world of Sophie Lou Jacobsen's captivating designs.