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Mastering the art of presentation is just as crucial as the meal itself. This is why we have meticulously curated our selection of plates. Whether you're indulging in cacio e pepe, savoring steak frites, or relishing a scrumptious Sunday roast, allow the visual presentation of the dish to transport you into a world of exquisite culinary delight.

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Bouclette Salad Plate Blue Sale price133 €
Bouclette Dinner Plate Blue Sale price193 €
Campagne Plate Sale priceFrom 79 €
Charles Plate Sale priceFrom 58 €
Mademoiselle Plate Sale priceFrom 68 €
Mon Ange Plate Sale priceFrom 84 €
Mon Ange Spaghetti Plate Sale price116 €
Charles oval platter Sale priceFrom 89 €
Plate Carey Fig Sale price220 €
Plate # 1 Sale price180 €
Lobster Plate Sale price28 €
Asparagus Plate Sale price30 €
Anthurium Plate Sale price28 €
Langoustine Plate Sale price28 €
104-1 Sale price550 €
Plate # 2 Sale price150 €
Sold out
Snack Plate Sale price145 €
Sold out
Bread Plates Sale price80 €
Sold out
Petal Plate - Large Sale price119 €
Sold out
Sold out
Porcelain Plates Sale price110 €
Sold out
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