Out For Lunch

Welcome to Out For Lunch, a unique online destination dedicated to showcasing and selling an eclectic collection of antique finds and vintage furniture. Our pieces are meticulously curated, each carrying a tale of their past and resonating a timeless design aesthetic.

Our collection represents a celebration of history, craftsmanship, and design sensibilities that withstand the test of time. As pre-loved pieces, they bear indications of previous use, adding to their charm and authenticity. These pieces are sold 'as seen', enabling you to own a slice of history with its unique story and character.

  • Distinctive Antiques: Our antique collection is not just old, but they are pieces of art. Each item is carefully selected for its distinctive quality and charm. They are a reflection of a bygone era, carrying a small piece of history with them.
  • Vintage Furniture: Our vintage furniture is chosen for its timeless appeal and enduring design. These pre-loved pieces bring character and style to any space, making them more than just functional items.

We invite you to explore the Out For Lunch collection to discover unique pieces that tell a story. Each item is an investment, a conversation starter, and a beautiful addition to your home or workspace.