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Enhance your daily work life with our exquisite home office decor. From timeless pieces to the latest design innovations, we offer a blend of functionality and elegance that redefine workspaces. Whether you seek vintage-inspired executive desks, elegant ergonomic chairs, or carefully curated statement pieces, our hand-picked collection embodies the essence of aesthetic allure and functional elegance.
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Cylinder Inox Vase Sale price120 €
Francois Halard: Gods First Sale price125 €
Domino Bookshelf 02 Sale price4.700 €
Still Life Hållander 1979 Sale price1.100 €
Arbol Sale price995 €
Ponds & Breezes #2, 2023 Sale price2.300 €
Éson Vessel Sale priceFrom 45 €
Leather Pencil Case Sale price144 €
Vaso Triangulare Sale price710 €
Brassai: Paris & Picasso Sale price86 €
Black Von Vase Sale price130 €
Agra Rug Midnight Sale priceFrom 4.449 €
Iceberg - Collage on Canvas Sale price1.800 €
Facey forms Sale price390 €
Oysters Ashtray Sale price260 €
Paul Klee: 1939 Sale price98 €
Object Vase Sale price185 €
River Walk Sale price1.140 €
The Mushroom Stack of 4 Sale price279 €
"The Secret Of The Moon" Sale price1.900 €
Blown Glass Vase With Foot Sale price960 €
Abari Sale price1.750 €
Hula Hula Sale price950 €
Revue Cahiers d'Art 1947 Sale price210 €
Aspen Rug Elk Sale priceFrom 1.283 €
Les Tomates Cerises Sale price795 €
Vessel # 1 Sale price280 €
Sold out
Dutch Design Magazine Rack Sale price305 €
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