David Hardy

David Hardy is an artist based in West Wales, known for his exquisite collection of artworks inspired by the Cambrian Mountains. With a background in graphic design, Hardy has a sharp eye for composition and form, which is evident in his abstract pieces.


His artwork is deeply influenced by the natural world, often drawing inspiration from the landscape, found forms, and photography.


In his creative process, Hardy employs a reduced color palette, allowing him to concentrate on the depth, tone, and texture of his works, creating a captivating visual experience. His ability to capture the essence of a place or experience is truly remarkable.


Hardy's artistic journey is a testament to his sustained excellence and dedication to his craft. His works have been recognized and awarded numerous times, validating his status as an outstanding artist.


As an artist, Hardy continues to push boundaries and inspire others with his thought-provoking works. Each piece is a testament to his passion for art and his commitment to excellence.


Through his unique style and perspective, Hardy continues to captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of art and imagination.