Our exquisite bathroom decor ideas, meticulously crafted to transcend the ordinary and reflect your personal style. Explore an array of vintage-chic inspirations, where each faucet and fixture tells a story of timeless elegance. Unleash your creativity and intertwine your unique personality with the spirit of a bygone era, transforming your bathroom into a revered sanctuary of beauty and comfort.
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Ester Bath Towel Sale price78 €
Sold out
Rattan Stool Tony Paul Sale price690 €
Still Life Hållander 1979 Sale price1.100 €
Astrology Sign Candle Sale price120 €
Karin Bath Mat Sale price82 €
Contemplo Las Sierras Sale price1.200 €
Soapholder Sale price60 €
Twilight Mirror Sale price625 €
Phantom Dish - Crystal Sale price198 €
Hula Hula Sale price950 €
Helena Pool Towel Sale price110 €
Le Carré White Marble Sale price460 €
Apple Bonbonniere Sale price588 €
Water Lily Candle Holder Sale price950 €
Casa Wall Light No6 Sale price680 €
Bois Vert Candle Sale price185 €
Main Double "Constellation" Sale price470 €
Eclipse Small Mirror Sale price563 €
Alma Bath Towel Sale price78 €
Agnes Bath Mat Sale price82 €
Small Vase in Cotton Sale price178 €
Lotuso Black Ceramic Sale price150 €
Isolated n.14 Vase Sale price1.271 €
Karin Bath Sheet Sale price85 €
Penelope Tall Round Basket Sale price1.025 €
Diva Scented Candle Sale price235 €
Alma Bath Mat Sale price82 €
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Incense Holder Sale price60 €
Ostro Ecru Ceramic Sale priceFrom 372 €
Darling Mirror Sale price560 €
Narcissus Catchall Sale price600 €
Tangled Up 08 Sale price448 €
Almeria Small Basket Sale price420 €
Halifax Bowl Sale price738 €
Maria Pool Towel Sale price110 €
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